AI Tanks that improve as they play...

What the heck is this?

evoTanks is a cross between a 2d tank shooter game and a genetics simulation. At its core it allows a human player to face off against a constantly improving AI.

The AI

At its base the Tanki's AI is built with path-finding(breadth first search), targeting, and bullet avoidance logic. On top of this, the AI also has a number of adjustable traits wich modulate its agressiveness, sensitivity to incoming bullets, and targeting range. For the first 10 rounds the game generates AI with randomly selected traits. After a base population has been established winning AI are allowed to pass on their genes sucessssive generations through a genetic inheritance algorithm. Overtime the AI i able to effectively adapt its behvaviour to a given style of play.

The Map

To insure an enjoyable user experience and to prevent the AI from stagnating at a local optimum, a new map is randomly generated for each round. Maps are randomly generated using a recusrive division algorithm.